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涂料工业  2018, Vol. 48 Issue (1): 1-5
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张国梁, 马春风*, 张广照
华南理工大学材料科学与工程学院,广州 510640
Study on Permeable Coating for Anticorrosion of Concrete
Zhang Guoliang, Ma Chunfeng, Zhang Guangzhao
Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510640, China
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摘要 混凝土具有多孔结构,水和离子可通过混凝土的孔隙渗入于混凝土内部,对混凝土造成腐蚀。以环氧树脂和糠醛/丙酮制备了渗入固结型混凝土防腐涂料 (PSEp),其中糠醛/丙酮混合物为反应性溶剂。制得的涂料具有优异的润湿性能,能够渗入砂浆固结体(水灰比为0.5)的孔隙中并原位交联 (渗入深度可达4.0 mm),从而对混凝土孔隙进行封闭。该涂料渗入混凝土后与之形成复合增强层,其粘附力(拉拔强度)比混凝土提高130%。同时,混凝土表面抗离子渗入能力提高,其电通量从3 400 C下降至130 C。因此,该涂料可有效用于混凝土防腐。
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关键词:  混凝土防腐  渗入固结  环氧树脂  反应性溶剂    
Abstract: The concrete has a porous structure. It suffers from deterioration caused by permeation of ions and water. In this article, a permeable coating (PSEp) for concrete has been prepared by using epoxy and furfural acetone. The coating has excellent wettability on concrete surface. Specifically, it can permeate into the pores or defects of mortar (W/C=0.5) with its depth up to 4.0 mm and cures thereat so that the concrete surface can be sealed. The mechanical property of the concrete is significantly improved by coating PSEp. The adhesion (pull-off strength) of the coated concrete is increased by more than 130%. Moreover, the resistance to ion permeability of the coated concrete increases, and the total electric flux decreases from 3 400 C to 130 C. The coating (PSEp) is useful for anticorrosion of concrete.
Key words:  concrete anticorrosion    permeation    epoxy    reactive solvent
收稿日期:  2017-11-14                出版日期:  2018-01-01      发布日期:  2018-05-03      期的出版日期:  2018-01-01
ZTFLH:  TQ 635.2  
作者简介:  张国梁(1990—),男,博士,主要从事重防腐涂料的开发与研究。
张国梁, 马春风, 张广照. 渗入固结型混凝土防腐涂料的研究[J]. 涂料工业, 2018, 48(1): 1-5.
Zhang Guoliang, Ma Chunfeng, Zhang Guangzhao. Study on Permeable Coating for Anticorrosion of Concrete. Paint & Coatings Industry, 2018, 48(1): 1-5.
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