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涂料工业  2018, Vol. 48 Issue (10): 49-54
  应用研究 |
佐敦涂料(张家港)有限公司,江苏张家港 215634
Study on Dirt Pick-Up Resistance (DPUR) and Influential Factors of Exterior Paints
Ji Xinghong
Jotun Coatings (Zhangjiagang) Co.,Ltd., Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu 215634, China
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摘要 为了更清楚地认识外墙涂料的耐沾污性机理和主要影响因素,通过JMP软件进行实验设计,并对输出的实验样本进行户外曝晒,考察不同树脂、填料、主要助剂以及颜料体积浓度(PVC)对于漆膜耐沾污性的影响。并通过扫描电镜、X射线能量色散光谱仪及接触角测试仪对漆膜表面化学和物理性能进行分析。结果表明:树脂类型是影响漆膜耐沾污性的主要因素,其次是PVC以及树脂与PVC的二次交互作用;长期曝晒后树脂发生轻微降解使得漆膜易受污染,且漆膜表面更具亲水性。
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关键词:  外墙涂料  耐沾污性  树脂  亲水性    
Abstract: To better understand the dirt pick-up resistance (DPUR) mechanism and main influential factors of exterior paints, the JMP software was utilized to design the experiment. All the sample panels were put outside for natural exposure to study the influence of binder type, extender, additives and different PVC levels on the DPUR performance. In addition, the surface structure and physical properties of the paints were assessed by using scanning electron microscope (SEM), EDX analysis and contact angle measurement. The results showed that the main parameters responsible for DPUR is the choice of binder and the PVC level as well as the interaction thereof. The long-term exposed surface was slightly degraded and easy to be polluted. The film surface was more hydrophilic.
Key words:  exterior paints    dirt pick-up resistance    resin    hydrophilic
收稿日期:  2018-01-22      修回日期:  2018-08-16           出版日期:  2018-10-01      发布日期:  2018-10-31      期的出版日期:  2018-10-01
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通讯作者:  季兴宏    E-mail:
季兴宏. 外墙涂料的耐沾污性及其影响因素研究[J]. 涂料工业, 2018, 48(10): 49-54.
Ji Xinghong. Study on Dirt Pick-Up Resistance (DPUR) and Influential Factors of Exterior Paints. Paint & Coatings Industry, 2018, 48(10): 49-54.
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