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涂料工业  2018, Vol. 48 Issue (3): 82-87
  科学视点 |
1. 公安消防部队高等专科学校,昆明 650208; 2. 昆明理工大学材料科学与工程学院,昆明 650093
Present status of structure optimization and failure mechanism on the ceramic coating
Zhou Huihui1,Luo Heng2
1. Public Security Fire Force College, Kunming 650208, China; 2. Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming 650093,China
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摘要 陶瓷涂层以其优异的耐磨损、耐高温、耐腐蚀等性能表现出巨大的工程应用前景。但是,在服役过程中因温度变化和受力诱发的裂纹产生、扩展,甚至导致涂层开裂、剥落及失效,这些因素限制了涂层的应用,因此通过结构优化改善陶瓷涂层的抗开裂、剥落性能较为重要。本文首先论述了纳米结构涂层、耐磨多层涂层、复合涂层的失效机理及其结构优化。提出了利用单次喷涂制备粘结层和陶瓷层的方法,通过该方法可以消除陶瓷层与粘结层间的界面形态,提高涂层的断裂韧性、粘结强度。最后展望了陶瓷涂层在材料组分设计和工艺优化研究中应重点关注的方面。
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关键词:  陶瓷涂层  结构优化  复合涂层  多层涂层  失效机理  纳米涂层    
Abstract: Due to the excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance as well as chemical stability at high temperature, the ceramic coating is widely applied in engineering setors. However, due to coating cracking, expansion, peeling and failure caused by temperature and stress change during the service process, the application of the ceramic coating is restricted. It is important to improve the anti-cracking and anti-peeling performance of the ceramic coatings through structural optimization. In this paper, the failure mechanism and structure optimization of the nano-structure coating, wear-resistant multi-layer coatings and composite coatings are discussed. The one-stop spraying method for preparation of the ceramic and adhesive coating is proposed, which can eliminate the interface defects and improve fracture toughness and adhesion. Finally, it focus on the structure design and optimization of ceramic coating.
Key words:  ceramic coating    structure optimization    composite coating    multilayer coating    failure mechanism    nanostructure coating
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周会会, 罗恒. 陶瓷涂层结构优化及失效机理的研究现状[J]. 涂料工业, 2018, 48(3): 82-87.
Zhou Huihui, Luo Heng. Present status of structure optimization and failure mechanism on the ceramic coating . Paint & Coatings Industry, 2018, 48(3): 82-87.
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